F.A.Q. / Download Instructions

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1. What is the purpose of femacourses?

The purpose of this website is to provide you with correct answers to the independent study exams for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. While most of our guides do have to be paid for, we do offer free courses that you can browse for by typing free in the search bar.

2. How can I be sure these are correct?

We update the website on a regular basis, and are made aware by customers when the test are out of date or they’ve been updated to add new questions. If you buy a course that is outdated, please contact us and you will be eligible for an updated course. Remember, the questions and answers will remain the same, but they will be in a randomized order one you take the final exam

3. How do I get the courses?

It’s very simple all you have to do is add them to your cart by either clicking the + Icon on the bottom, or going to the download product itself and clicking the “buy now” button. Once you pay for the courses, you will be redirected to a purchase page with instructions. Courses are force downloaded if on a computer, you can also choose to download them from the download links at the bottom, and lastly you will receive an email with a purchase receipt that contains download links. If you don’t see them in your inbox, please check your spam before emailing.

4. How is this website legal?

The website is a informational resource. It falls under many copyright protections. No one can take the website down, as the information is in public domain.




5. Do you know where I can get credits for these courses?

We are aware of a couple of websites, but largely this is a question you have to research yourself. Charter Oak’s Credit Registry is one such school that we know about. Frederick Community College is another one that’s very popular as well.