Professional Development Series Bundle

<span itemprop="name">Professional Development Series Bundle</span>

Includes the study guides and answers to the FEMA Professional Development Series Courses. With this you can obtain a PDS certificate!

IS 120.C
IS 230.D
IS 235.C
IS 240.B
IS 241.B
IS 242.B
IS 244.B


If you would like to purchase courses individually, click on the links below!

FEMA IS 120.C An Introduction to Exercises Study Guide

FEMA IS 230.D Fundamentals of Emergency Management Study Guide

FEMA IS 235.C Emergency Planning

FEMA IS 240.b Leadership and Influence Study Guide

FEMA IS 241.b Decision Making and Problem Solving

FEMA IS 242.B Effective Communication

FEMA IS 244.b Developing and Managing Volunteers Study Guide