KT 2300 Intermediate EOC Functions Answer Key

<span ="name">KT 2300 Intermediate EOC Functions Answer Key</span>

The K2300 Intermediate Emergency Operations Center Functions is a four-day course with the goal of assisting individuals and jurisdictions who desire to develop or improve their Emergency Operation Centers (EOC). By the end of the course, students will be able to demonstrate, through activities and a Final Exam, the managerial and operational roles of the modern-day EOC as a NIMS Command and Coordination functional group operating within a Multi-agency Coordination System (MACS). All FEMA KT 2300 answers contained. You may be interested in our FEMA IS 2200 Answer Key.

Course Goal:
• Explain the EOC’s critical link to the other NIMS Command and Coordination Structures.
• Identify EOC staffing solutions by aligning EOC Skillsets to common EOC structures.
• Explain the planning, operational and resourcing functions of the EOC.
• Using a scenario, identify the essential elements of information (EEI) that support EOC decision making and information sharing.
• Using a scenario identify changes in EOC activation level, staffing, resources and information requirements for an expanding incident.
• Identify the role of an EOC during the transition to recovery.
• Explain the location, design, equipment and technology considerations for the EOC.

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