FEMA IS 951 DHS Radio Interoperability Answer Key

<span itemprop="name">FEMA IS 951 DHS Radio Interoperability Answer Key</span>

Answer key to IS 951 DHS Radio Interoperability. Users should be as proficient with their radio as they are with their other critical life-safety equipment. Radios are a critical communications lifeline during times when help is needed. Contains correct FEMA IS 951 answers and course notes. You may also be interested in our FEMA IS 101 Answer Key, FEMA IS 102 Answer Key, FEMA IS 107 Answer Key.

Course Date


Course Overview

The intent of the DHS Radio Interoperability Course is to provide a mechanism for DHS employees in all related disciplines who utilize radio communications systems to understand the operation of portable/mobile radios, the basics of how radio systems work, and the principles and concepts of interoperable communications (especially within the National Incident Management System). Additionally, this training will provide instruction on how to locate and properly use the DHS Common Interoperability Channels.

Course Objectives:

Explain the capabilities of land mobile radios and radio systems

Determine which interoperability channels are programmed into DHS radios Locate interoperability channels on portable and mobile radios Identify when and how to use interoperability channels in an operational environment

Primary Audience

DHS Operational component employees who use a radio as part of their normal duties and/or collateral duties.


While there are no prerequisite courses required for the DHS Radio Interoperability Training, prior participation in/completion of a radio communications familiarity training course conducted during basic training, or by the employee’s specific DHS component, is strongly encouraged.

From IS-951: DHS Radio Interoperability