FEMA IS 660 Introduction to Public-Private Partnerships Answer Key


Answer key to IS 660 Introduction to Public-Private Partnerships that contains FEMA IS 660 answers. To protect the Nation’s assets, infrastructure, and economy, public safety agencies are establishing partnerships with private-sector organizations to assist in planning, resource allocation, communication strategy, and coordinated response to and strategic recovery following natural and man-made disasters or terrorist attacks. If you are looking to earn credit, you might also want to consider looking at our FEMA IS 15.B Answers , FEMA IS 662 Answer Key, and FEMA IS 1026 Answer Key.

Course Overview

This course provides an introduction to the role of public-private partnerships in emergency preparedness and planning. The goal of this training is to establish a common vocabulary for public sector agencies and private sector organizations interested in utilizing partnerships to improve response, recovery, and resilience.

Course Objectives:

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the importance of public-private partnerships to emergency preparedness and planning.
  • Identify roles and responsibilities in public-private partnerships.
  • Identify how to establish and sustain partnerships by communicating a common mission.

Primary Audience

State and local emergency management professionals and planners; personnel from response agencies; personnel from Federal, State, local, and Tribal government agencies that may participate in continuity planning efforts; members of public-private partnerships of collaborative relationships; and representatives from private-sector organizations involved in emergency management and/or continuity planning, and response actions.

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