FEMA IS 325 Earthquake Basics: Science, Risk, and Mitigation Answer Key


Answer key to FEMA IS 325 Earthquake Basics: Science, Risk, and Mitigation. Have you ever wondered about earthquakes, how they might affect you, and what you can do to safeguard your family, your home, your business? Contains FEMA IS 325 answers. You will be interested in our FEMA IS 271 Answer Key, FEMA IS 323 Answer Key, and FEMA IS 8 Answer Key.

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Course Overview

This 30 minute independent study course presents basic information on earthquake science, risk, and mitigation. It also discusses techniques for structural and non-structural earthquake mitigation. Earthquake Basics is targeted to a wide range of audiences, including homeowners, business owners, the private sector, federal, state, tribal and local government workforce at all levels, first responders, non-profit organizations, volunteers, and community-based organizations. Although certification is not a part of the course, short quizzes are included to enhance interactivity and to boost retention.

Course Objectives:

To raise awareness of earthquake risk and mitigation strategies for life saving planning.

Primary Audience

All audiences

IS 325: Earthquake Basics: Science, Risk, and Mitigation Official Course