FEMA IS 030.B Mitigation eGrants System for the Subgrant Applicant Study Guide

<span itemprop="name">FEMA IS 030.B Mitigation eGrants System for the Subgrant Applicant Study Guide</span>

Study Guide for IS 30.B: Mitigation eGrants system for the Subgrant Applicant complete with notes and correct FEMA IS 30 answers. This course is the first in a series of comprehensive training program for the FEMA eGrants system.  You will be able to electronically manage awards and sub-awards. As a Subapplicant, you’ll be able to use eGrants to create, submit, and manage subapplications for the two Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) grant programs that eGrants supports. You may also be interested in our FEMA IS 31.B Answers Guide.

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Course Overview

This course is part of the comprehensive training program for the FEMA egrants system. It is the first in a series of Independent Study (IS) courses for the eGrants and will address the functions in the eGrants External System used by Subapplicants.

Course Objectives:

  1. Complete a subapplication in eGrants
  2. Review a subapplication in eGrants
  3. Submit a subapplication to an Applicant using eGrants
  4. Check the status of a subapplication in eGrants
  5. Revise a subapplication in eGrants

Primary Audience

Whole Community



From IS-30.B: Mitigation eGrants System for the Subgrant Applicant

Example Questions (FEMA IS 30 Answers)

Which screen displays a list of all the subapplication sections and either a “Complete” or “Incomplete” status link?
A. Review and Submit screen
B. Subgrant Applicant Homepage
C. the Application Status screen
D. the Subgrant Status: Un-submitted Subgrant Application(s) screen

Who uses eGrants to review and process Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) and Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) subapplications, create FMA and PDM applications and submit them to FEMA, and submit Quarterly Performance Reports to FEMA?
A. FEMA Reviewers
B. Elected State Leaders
C. Subapplicants
D. Applicants

A subapplication owner with Sign/Submit access is going on vacation. Which access levels should the owner provide to a co-worker so the coworker can continue entering information into the subapplication?
A. Create/Edit and Sign/Submit
B. View/Print, Create/Edit, and Sign/Submit
C. View/Print
D. View/Print and Create/Edit

To complete a subapplication that has been created in eGrants, select the ____ link in the task menu on the Subgrant Applicant Homepage.
A. Update/Complete Un-submitted Application
B. Review Submitted Application(s)
C. Print Blank Applications
D. Create New Application

When creating a new subgrant application, you first select the Create New Application link. What is the next step?
A. Choose to start a new application
B. Choose to copy an application
C. Enter a title and choose the type of application
D. Enter the POC information

The Copy Entire Application function is only available if you are copying to the same subapplication type (for example, from project to project).

When copying an existing subapplication, you must copy all the subapplication sections to the new subapplication.

Who uses eGrants to create pre-applications for mitigation projects, Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) subapplications, and/or Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) subapplications?
A. FEMA Reviewers
B. Elected State Leaders
C. Subapplicants
D. Applicants

When completing the Applicant Information Section of the application, what is the best method for entering your organization?
A. Enter in the full unabbreviated name of your organization
B. Enter in the abbreviation for your organization if available
C. Click on the Help Button
D. Click the Search button to obtain a list of organizations

What level of access can a subapplication owner provide to another eGrants user in the same organization who has been authorized View/Print access for other subapplications?
A. Sign/Submit
B. No access is required
C. View/Print
D. Create/Edit


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