FEMA IS 027 Orientation to FEMA Logistics Study Guide

<span ="name">FEMA IS 027 Orientation to FEMA Logistics Study Guide</span>

The study guide to IS 27 Orientation to FEMA Logistics. Contains correct FEMA IS 27 answers and course notes. You may also be interested in our FEMA IS 245.A Answers Guide.

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Course Overview

This course provides an overview of all field logistics functions and organizational relationships within logistics (roles, responsibilities, accountability). The student will gain a baseline knowledge of the standard practices for FEMA logistics operations from initial Presidential disaster declaration to close-out of FEMA field offices.

Course Objectives:

To provide the participant with a baseline knowledge of FEMA field logistics operations.

Primary Audience

All new hires and logistics staff that work in the field offices.


No pre-course assignments have been identified for this course.

From IS-27: Orientation to FEMA Logistics


The Camp Unit Leader
A. is responsible for camp services for the disaster responders only
B. maintains national contracts for camp establishment
C. coordinates camp operations for disaster responders and survivors

The Incident Logistics Section Chief is responsible for
A. supervising the three branches of the Logistics section
B. building a national logistics management system
C. knowing exactly the types and amounts of resources that are needed for any impacted population in the US

To ask for Federal assistance a request must be submitted to FEMA on an
A. Available Commodities Request Form
B. Account Tasker Form
C. Action Request Form

The Support Branch
A. maintains functional areas as well as span of control
B. is responsible for the transportation of injured and ill incident personnel
C. manages facilities, supplies, and transportation during an incident

In response to a disaster, the FEMA office in the affected area
A. fills requests for logistical assistance from state and federal partners
B. seeks a presidential disaster declaration
C. writes the policy, guidance, and standards for the state response

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