IS 1002 FEMA Grants Portal – Transparency at Every Step Study Guide

<span itemprop="name">IS 1002 FEMA Grants Portal – Transparency at Every Step Study Guide</span>

The study guide to IS 1002 FEMA Grants Portal – Transparency at every step. FEMA developed the Grants Portal to streamline the Public Assistance process and facilitate collaboration between FEMA, Recipient, and the Applicant. It allows full project visibility, enhances coordination and communication, and improves document collection and retention. Download our guide with full FEMA IS 1002 Answers and course notes. You may also be interested in our FEMA IS 1006 Answers Guide.

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Course Overview
This course provides an in-depth look into the Grants Portal. By the end of the course, State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Applicants and Recipients will be able to discuss and use the Grants Portal software as it pertains to the Public Assistance program

Course Objectives:

  • Demonstrate the benefits of transparency by using Grants Portal.
  • Explain how the Recipient and the Applicant can use Grants Portal to review and manage projects throughout their life cycle.
  • Describe the user-friendly approach to navigating Grants Portal.

From IS-1002: FEMA Grants Portal – Transparency at Every Step


Who will be the main point of contact from FEMA to the Applicant after the Recipient and FEMA approve the Request for Public Assistance?
A. Primary PA Coordinator
ANSWER: Program Delivery Manager
C. Personnel Manager
D. Alternate PA Coordinator


All of the following can be completed through the “My Organization Profile” page, except:
A. Manage answers to Essential Elements of Information
B. Edit the organization
C. Upload insurance documentation
D. Request Public Assistance

Which of the following is a central location where Public Assistance processes are documented and monitored; as well as a tool that FEMA, the Recipient, and the Applicant can use to interact with each other?
A. Account hub
B. Account profile
C. Organization hub
D. Organization account

Which of the following activities in Grants Portal occurs in Phase II of the Public Assistance process?
A. Approve the Request for Public Assistance
B. Develop the Damage Inventory
C. Completing requests for Essential Elements of Information
D. Review the Event Profile

How long does the Applicant have to respond to the Request for Information in Grants Portal?
A. 60 days
B. 30 days
C. 15 days
D. 45 days

Which icon on the “Event PA Requests” page should be selected to create a new filtered list tile on the Dashboard of Grants Portal?
A. Cog icon
B. Question mark icon
C. Bell icon
D. Star icon

Which of the following activities in Grants Portal occurs in Phase I of the Public Assistance process?
A. Managing Requests for Information
B. Monitoring Site Inspection Work Orders
C. Completing request for Essential Elements of Information
D. Develop the Damage Inventory

If the Applicant chooses to have FEMA complete the Scope of Work and Cost Estimate on their behalf, FEMA will have all of the following responsibilities throughout the formulation process, except:
A. Meeting with the Applicant to achieve full document disclosure
B. Reviewing the draft Scope of Work and Cost Estimate
C. Uploading supporting documents into Grants Portal for the Applicant and resolving the Request for Information without assistance from the Applicant
D. Coordinating with Consolidated Resource Center personnel, sharing information, and maintaining situational awareness

When inviting an Applicant to Grants Portal, which tab under “My Organization” does the Recipient select from the Grants Portal Dashboard to start the process?
A. Projects
B. Event PA Requests
C. Organization Profile
D. Events

FEMA developed the Grants Portal to _________ the Public Assistance process.
A. teach
B. shorten
C. observe
D. streamline

After the account setup process is complete, the individual user will be taken to which of the following pages?
A. My Organization Profile
B. Grants Portal Dashboard
C. User Profile
D. My Tasks

On which page of the Grants Portal can the Applicant download the Damage Inventory template?
A. Damage Details
B. Workflow Details
C. Event PA Requests Profile
D. Project EEI

For more FEMA IS 1002 answers and course notes, download the guide!

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