IS 1002 FEMA Grants Portal – Transparency at Every Step Answer Key


Answer key to IS 1002 FEMA Grants Portal – Transparency at every step. FEMA developed the Grants Portal to streamline the Public Assistance process and facilitate collaboration between FEMA, Recipient, and the Applicant. It allows full project visibility, enhances coordination and communication, and improves document collection and retention. You may also be interested in our FEMA IS 1006 Answer Key, FEMA IS 1014 Answer Key, or FEMA IS 1020 Answer Key. Download our FEMA IS 1002 answers and earn a certification now!

Course Date


Course Overview
This course provides an in-depth look into the Grants Portal. By the end of the course, State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Applicants and Recipients will be able to discuss and use the Grants Portal software as it pertains to the Public Assistance program

Course Objectives:

  • Demonstrate the benefits of transparency by using Grants Portal.
  • Explain how the Recipient and the Applicant can use Grants Portal to review and manage projects throughout their life cycle.
  • Describe the user-friendly approach to navigating Grants Portal.

From IS-1002: FEMA Grants Portal – Transparency at Every Step