FEMA IS 032.A Mitigation eGrants Internal System Study Guide

<span itemprop="name">FEMA IS 032.A Mitigation eGrants Internal System Study Guide</span>

The study guide to Mitigation eGrants Internal System. Contains course notes and correct FEMA IS 32.A answers. You may be interested in our FEMA IS 30.B Answers Guide and our FEMA IS 31.B Answers Guide.

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Course Overview

This interactive computer-based course is part of a series of courses designed to provide various users with basic knowledge about using the web-based Mitigation Electronic Grants (eGrants) Management System. This course is specifically targeted to FEMA (Internal) Users on the eGrants Internal System.

FEMA HQ and Regional staff with Hazard Mitigation Assistance grant program responsibilities and Regional Assistance Officers are responsible for the application review once the grant applicant has submitted their application.

The course explores the main eGrants Internal System functions available to users:

  • Access and roles within the system
  • Registration Management
  • Pre-Award Eligibility Workflow and Application Review
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Program Administration

This course is designed to allow the users to take it in its entirety or to focus on specific aspects of the Mitigation eGrants Internal System.

Course Objectives:

  1. Describe the eGrants System and Workflows
  2. Describe the process for accessing the eGrants Internal System
  3. Describe the process for reviewing, approving, and denying of pending external eGrants applicant user registrations
  4. Describe all of the program office’s review and approval processes
  5. Describe the process of monitoring grants through the review of Quarterly Reports

Primary Audience

Grant applicants—including state officials, federally recognized Indian Tribal governments, and territory officials.

IS-32.A: Mitigation eGrants Internal System Official Course


Which Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) National Review Process queue is required for both Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) project and planning subapplications?
A. National Technical Review queue
B. Subgrant Selection (for Award) queue
C. Pre-Award Review queue
D. Environmental/Historic Preservation (EHP) Review queues

What is displayed in the Queue column on the Inbox screen?
A. The pending queues for subapplications that are available to you
B. The list of the queues a subapplication will need to complete in the Pre-Award Eligibility Workflow
C. The user names of the reviewers who will complete the queue
D. The numbers for subapplications that are ready for your review

Which workflow outlines the process for creating federal awards?
A. The Pre-Award Eligibility Workflow
B. The Awards Workflow
C. The Application Review Workflow
D. The Quarterly Reports Workflow

When preparing the Agreement Articles or the Award Letter for an award package, the Grants Management Specialist can upload a computer file to eGrants or _____.
A. use the Standard Template and complete the required fields
B. insert a link to documents on the FEMA website
C. copy the documents from another federal award in eGrants
D. mail them directly to the Applicant

eGrants supports the Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) and Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) hazard mitigation grant programs, as well as the legacy Severe Repetitive Loss (SRL) and Repetitive Flood Claims (RFC) grant programs.

Contains correct FEMA IS 32 answers.