FEMA IS 101.C Preparing for Federal Disaster Operations: FEMA Study Guide

<span itemprop="name">FEMA IS 101.C Preparing for Federal Disaster Operations: FEMA Study Guide</span>

The study guide to FEMA IS 101.C Preparing for Federal Disaster Operations: FEMA. Contains correct FEMA IS 101.c answers and course notes. You may also be interested in our FEMA IS 102.C Answers Guide.

Course Overview

This course is designed to help prepare participants for deployment to a domestic incident. Responding to incidents requires that we must be ready, willing, and able to deploy at a moment’s notice. This course provides personnel with practical tips and advice for incident deployment.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Prepare for deployment, including detailing what information to gather, what steps to take, and what things to pack.
  • Check in when arriving at the assigned location.
  • Acclimate to the working and living conditions at the assigned incident facility.
  • Take care of themselves during deployment.
  • Maintain standards for accountability.
  • Complete the check-out process.

Primary Audience

This course is designed for FEMA employees who deploy to domestic incidents.

It is suggested that personnel who have not completed the IS-700 and IS-800b courses do so before completing this course.

From IS-101.C: Preparing for Federal Disaster Operations: FEMA

Example Questions

Where in your assigned incident facility would you go to obtain current incident status information?
A. Operations Section
B. Logistics Section
C. Planning Section
D. Finance and Administration Section

All of the following are useful for remaining calm and making effective decisions in the stressful, fast-paced environment of incident facilities, EXCEPT FOR:
A. Persistence through adverse conditions
B. Input from supervisors and coworkers
C. Caffeine and other energy supplements
D. A sense of optimism and humor

You see an unknown individual approaching your workstation without a badge. When asked, the individual is unable to show you proper identification and becomes irate. You should:
A. Ask the individual to show you his or her driver’s license.
B. Tell the individual to leave the facility immediately.
C. Assume that someone else will deal with the issue.
D. Report the situation to the Security Manager.

After establishing communications with the affected State emergency management agency, the Regional Response Coordination Center (RRCC):
A. Reports on the overall national emergency management priorities and actions.
B. Develops initial Federal objectives and deploys resources.
C. Assumes command of the incident scene operations.
D. Works with local jurisdictions to identify financial needs for recovery.

Who within the field-level facility responds to accidents, illnesses, injuries, and other incident emergencies?
A. Security Manager
B. Safety Officer
C. Chief of Staff
D. Human Resources Specialist

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