FEMACourses is your solution to the FEMA independent study courses found on the Emergency Management Institutes self-paced program list. These online certifications can be used for multiple purposes. You can:

  • Use them for entry level resumes, portfolios, and curriculum vitae.
  • You can use them to earn college credit with several accreditation based colleges
  • You can use them if you are in a government job/position to move up the ranks
  • You can use them as training for an Emergency Management career
  • You can use the training and education to improve your whole community with the skills needed to help people before, during, and after disasters

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Our answer keys will help you pass the final exams to the independent study courses. They include questions taken directly from the final exam and the online courses. We offer several free answer keys you can take to get started. Visit our shop to take a look. Remember, they can be used for college credits and professional portfolios. We also offer products not directly listed in the Emergency Management Institute’s independent study course list, so look around!

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